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Books Make Great Gifts!

Please consider giving The Gatekeeper’s Saga as a holiday gift this year. If you haveGatekeeper's Sons Saga ebook friends or family members with ereaders, you can send them all four books for less than ten dollars buy purchasing them any place ebooks are sold. Don’t forget the first one is free, so if you are giving someone Gatekeeper's Challenge Sagaan ereading device, you can download the first book onto that device at no extra cost to you. For the download and purchasing links, go HERE.

The books are appropriate for readers twelve and up. Although most of my readers so far seem to be older, they were written with the young Gatekeeper's Daughter Saga ebookin mind and use only those words allowed on television and contain no sex (though the romance gets steamy in a few places, there’s nothing explicit). Plus, the romance is only about a third of the conflict, the other thirds consisting of mystery and adventure. Anyone who enjoys fantasy, especially Greek mythology, might enjoy this blend of Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00023]contemporary setting with ancient myth.
If you live in San Antonio and would like to purchase paperback editions, you can find signed copies on display at the Northwoods Barnes and Noble Booksellers at 1604 and 281. In fact, purchasing your books from that brick and mortar store would help me to get more paperbacks distributed to Barnes and Noble in the future and would save you the shipping charge. One of my daughter’s friends saw the display this past weekend and sent us this photo:
Book Display at Barnes and Noble

Whatever you do for your holiday gifts, I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Festive Kwanzaa, and overall joyful time together during the holiday season!
With Love and Gratitude,
Eva Pohler
Change Of Possesion by M.R. Polish

Change of Possession - Goodreads Page
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RM Gilmore

The 90’s
I’m child of the 90’s, dude. I watched The Simpsons, My So Called Life, and Roseanne (Ok that started in the 80’s, but I was there for that too). My backpack was filled with Lisa Frank pens and my Trapper Keeper held Nickelodeon folders. I had a close personal relationship with my scrunchies and NEVER hooked both overall straps. As if!
A plastic Bart Simpson popping a wheelie on his orange skateboard adorned my 10th birthday cake. That was 20 years ago. As with The Simpsons – I survived the decades unscathed and with so many stories I couldn’t fit them on one special edition DVD.
My personal favorite memory of the 90’s - Ridiculous hair, with the exception of my Mohawk…that shit killed it. The bangs were an entity all their own. The fridge bang – not always worn straight usually cut 2 inches over the brow then curled under to form a huge roll of bang. The wispy bang – sometimes pushed to either side of the forehead creating an M of bang. The wall – a huge highly flammable wall of hair – curled and shellacked into an inches high wall o bang. There are subspecies of the wall, the wisp, and the fringed, but they are the staple bangs of the 1990’s.
Hair and horrendous color mismatches aside, the 1990’s pumped it up in more ways than one. Music, movies, fashion, came went and is flowing back into style as I type. This recent surge in slap bracelets, bright sneakers, and remakes (The 80’s had their day the 90’s is waiting in the winds for its turn to pounce. – 90210 comes to mind) raises one very important question – should I break out my Jansport backpack and my L.A. Gears now or should I give it a few more months for the craze to really sink in?
Either way I’m ready to school this next generation in the ways of my people – not quite Gen x not quite Gen y – Generation Radical!

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